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Stop paying full price for gas. Get a full tank of gas for a single price! 

How It Works

Fuel Up For Free

After paying only $10 for your gas code, you will be emailed a 9 digit ID that will have $3+ off per gallon of gas - making it so you only have to pay tax at the pump (2-10 cents). Press here to buy your code or scroll down to learn more.

Where can I get free gas?

You can use this code to get free gas at any Shell gas station in the United States. To see locations near you, use this link

How to use it

Simply enter the ID that you were emailed (check spam folder) into the keypad at the gas station and choose "rewards" as your payment method. You can get up to 20 gallons with the full discount which means you pay only $15 for $60 worth of gas ($3.00 x 20 gallons). We only ask that you share us with your friends and family after you have successfully used our codes - save them money too!

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